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getting a stiffy

Created by cauncy 6 months ago, 9 Sep 2019
WA, 7754 posts
9 Sep 2019 8:51PM
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Great to see a pattern already starting with afternoon breezes in the midwest of WA, TBH its been a poor winter frontal season so chomping at the bit to get some solid time on the water again, with that comes the new gear, what new gear are you keen to jump on?
enjoy the season ahead

NSW, 4998 posts
10 Sep 2019 12:18AM
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I'd post the photo she sent me last night
but if she found out, I'd be a dead man

...seriously hope this one doesn't turn out to be dude


QLD, 328 posts
10 Sep 2019 6:50AM
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Hanging out to get the slingshot 3'6" micro, and the new SS ghost kite.

NSW, 396 posts
10 Sep 2019 8:23AM
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Eagerly anticipating taking delivery of 11m neo to supplement the existing 7 and 9m. 2019 model of course because 2020 kites are 2019 kites in bad colours and I am a tight a$$.

NSW, 3157 posts
10 Sep 2019 9:40AM
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CJ2478 said..
I am a tight a$$.

Its Australia. You spell it tight a$$$


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"getting a stiffy" started by cauncy