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flysurfer vmg tuning tips

Created by clint smith 7 months ago, 29 Nov 2019
clint smith
QLD, 6 posts
29 Nov 2019 9:02PM
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hi guys has anyone had success with tuning the flysurfer vmg.
trying to limit stalling?
better downwind performance.?

any advice would be great

WA, 770 posts
3 Dec 2019 12:59PM
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Hi Clint,

Aside from the Mixer bridle tuning which I'm sure you are aware of, there is this video from My Kite Life which goes into more detail.

Beyond that, send an email off to Flysurfer and ask for Armin or Benni to give you some help. Flysurfer is a very responsive company in terms of customer service and replying to emails and requests.



QLD, 48 posts
3 Dec 2019 8:58PM
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If you bought it from a shop.
They should be sorting you out straight away unless they have no idea about mixers.
Otherwise you have terrible back up from whoever you bought it from.
Like DM said message flysurfer they are really fast in replying excellent customer service.

QLD, 5435 posts
3 Dec 2019 9:03PM
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Ask on There are some guys on there big into tuning.


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