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Port Vila surf???

Created by kemp90 6 months ago, 14 Jan 2020
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14 Jan 2020 8:24AM
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Hi all. Years ago I went to pango point, Port Vila surfing. Waves were "ok" when I was there, but I can see it could be great.
I look back how and think it would be good for kiteboarding.

has anyone got any information on it?

im very inexperienced at kitesurfing a reef break, I have only ever kited beach breaks but you need to start somewhere right!

Any information would be appreciated.
before anyone jumps the gun and suggests namoto, I have a tight budget of $2k (flights included)

cheers kemp

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14 Jan 2020 4:00PM
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I kited pango point once, would have kited more, if there had been(any wind) 15knts. It was fun but not special, a left and natural footed I prefer rights. It is difficult to kite more than 2 hrs before or after high tide when the reef on the inside starts getting very shallow.

surfed pango point alone everyday 5 days in a row, fun wave. Kited one time?

Will go back to Vanuatu to kite the right on the ne coast of santo. Got lucky with tides, wind and waves for the 3 days straight!

Wanga F One
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15 Jan 2020 7:10AM
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Check out kite surf Vanuatu fb group.

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15 Jan 2020 12:03PM
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I just came back from Vanuatu and there was wind every day, SE, from 15 to 25 knots. Didn't had my kite with me but that's another story.
I met a South African guy who had just kited off Pango, apparently he's allways there when there's some wind.


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