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Lightest Bar

Created by CH3MTR4IL5 1 month ago, 24 May 2020
WA, 39 posts
24 May 2020 7:13PM
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For reasons that I won't bore you with - what is the lightest bar+line setup off the shelf?Bonus question if you're really nerdy or have investigated this for some random reason, what is the most optimal cost-weight comparison (ie, dollars per gram)?

WA, 1774 posts
25 May 2020 4:58AM
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Carbon foil racing bars - if your not competing- it doesn't really matter..

What concerns most people about bars is stregth and durability.
Will it snap at the worst possible time ?
A sponsored rider pimping the lightest possible bar, is not going to use it year after year.. like average kiters.

WA, 1252 posts
25 May 2020 8:18AM
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Fairly random question in deed. SaveTheWhales gave you an excellent answer.

Since I travel a fair bit with my kite gear, I weighted all my kite gear bit by bit over the years which really helps deciding what you can bring within the airline weight limits. I stopped weighing bars as I realised they were all weighing about 1kg across many different brands. You might get a few hundred grams difference between brands / models / years but why would that matter ?

NSW, 53 posts
25 May 2020 10:31AM
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Boardriding Maui's CCS is super light given it's a very stripped down bar - great for surfing/foiling

Kauper XT - Pintxo bar looks very light too (never tried it however...)

QLD, 94 posts
25 May 2020 10:13PM
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This gear could be nice. Have to really be wanting to spend the money though.

WA, 1774 posts
26 May 2020 5:05AM
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SK Shapes - Swiss company, complete bar without flying lines 325g

WA, 61 posts
26 May 2020 2:38PM
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That Infexion quick release is impressive.

Looks like a much better solution than the Wichard type snap shackles if you're wanting to get rid of your chicken loop.

NSW, 850 posts
30 May 2020 2:51PM
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Check out Kiss bars.
carbon, super minimal and customizationable...haha
I havent seen one in the flesh, but look the goods for light weight


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