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Kiting miami Florida late September

Created by scotty100 7 months ago, 5 Jul 2018
QLD, 164 posts
5 Jul 2018 1:43PM
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Hi breezers,
Anyone been or have any info on kiting or sup in Miami Florida in late September, I have 5 day stop over there and like to hire kiting / foiling equipment or sup as I can't take my own as going to Haiti and probably wont last long there? . Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance

WA, 1193 posts
6 Jul 2018 4:33AM
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A friend of mine spent a season teaching in Miami for Miami Kiteboarding:

Crandon is not the only kite spot around but definitely the best one.

Get in touch with those guys as they are probably the best resource for local info there. They hire equipment as well.

Kiteboarding in places like Miami in the US is heavily regulated, so you need to make sure you abide by all those rather strict rules. Based on stats: it looks like September would be the least windy month of the year.



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"Kiting miami Florida late September" started by scotty100