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Kite crash

Created by geordieboy > 9 months ago, 8 Jan 2019
WA, 210 posts
8 Jan 2019 7:51AM
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my son was kiting at our local 2 week ago , it was a busy arvo with about 25/30 kites on the water
my son is in his first full season so is still a learner but can stay up wind . Him and this much more experienced guy were heading towards each other they both went kite up then down until they crossed lines and the other guys line snapped . There was nothing my son could do to help the guy so he came ashore and rested. While the guy drifted to shore.
Yesterday the guy spoke to my son and asked him to pay $50 for the replacement lines (which he had already fixed) and gave a sob story about his big house and 6 kids and being poor and needed the $50 ASAP
my son agreed on the beach but the bloke followed him off the beach to the cars and there was a few words exchanged and basically told the guy to go to pot
personally I don't think he should pay it was an accident and the other guy should have spotted a newby
whats your thoughts

WA, 12 posts
8 Jan 2019 8:13AM
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Yes he should have avoided your son as a newbie and anyway accidents happen all the time

QLD, 1214 posts
9 Jan 2019 5:52AM
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Starboard tack has right of way so if he was going right you're right.
Still accidents happen, remember the first time a newbie flew a kite into mine and snapped one of my lines, taught me to stay upwind of them.
Was pissed off of course and had a chat afterwards but didn't try for compo, it's a high risk sport, no one got hurt and newbies gotta fail.

NSW, 460 posts
9 Jan 2019 7:38AM
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I get hit by kites all the time....

VIC, 730 posts
9 Jan 2019 9:01AM
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With no mention of who had right of way I'm guessing your son didn't. My analogy would be that if a learner driver hits my car I still expect to get paid even if he is a learner.
In your position I would pay for the son's KA membership and then he's insured.

WA, 1769 posts
10 Jan 2019 6:50AM
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Regardless of fault - son or noob learner, young kid or old fart..

There seems to be a growing mentality that as soon as you learn to go back n forth, that your ready to kite down the middle of the busy crowded freestyling big air hard carving mob.

I'd be advising the noobs to stay out of that particular area for their own Safety...

We used to do that once upon a time.. oh well happy New Year

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12 Jan 2019 8:23AM
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Alysum said..
I get hit by kites all the time....

All the time! Are you unlucky or do you ask people to bomb they're kite onto your head?


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