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Fiji Malolo

Created by Toddl5 1 month ago, 26 Oct 2021
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26 Oct 2021 9:12PM
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Hi, does anyone have advice for kiteboarding in Fiji preferably around malolo? Is malolo Lailai the place to be? Possibly heading there around May next year

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26 Oct 2021 7:25PM
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Love your sense of optimism

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27 Oct 2021 8:07AM
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If you're looking to kite surf breaks they are a fair hike from Malolo. You're better off staying on the mainland plus it's one heck of a lot cheaper.

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27 Oct 2021 2:08PM
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I stayed a mana island a few years back. It was primarily a family holiday. But I took some gear and got a ride or 2 in.

It appears that the trade winds are se. Wind slowly builds from sweet fa to about 18-20 knots over 5-7 day cycle with a couple of days of no wind.

It's a lucky dip if you have a pre-cooked holiday whether you get wind or not.

If you go in with the mind set that it's not a kiting holiday and it's a bonus if you get a day or 2 in while your there that is probably the best way to approach it.

If you hydrofoil then you will have s better chance of getting more days.

You can take a boat to the surf breaks if you want. Or just blaze around your local island.


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