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Cheapest way to post a kite

Created by Crossy82 5 months ago, 5 Dec 2018
WA, 4 posts
5 Dec 2018 7:19PM
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Hi All, I am in the process of selling a kite and wondering what's the cheapest way to post a kite and bar? Thanks in advance

WA, 27 posts
5 Dec 2018 7:33PM
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I've successfully used Australia Post but their online postage calculator is misleading. Just enter the weight and dimensions as 1x1x1 and it will be more realistic. If it's not in a box they'll only go by weight and it will be around $30 - just wrap it in a black plastic garbage bag and tape it up. This is not tricking the system, if you go to the post office they'll calculate it the same way.

Otherwise, there are a few couriers online that seem to have a slightly better rate but I've never used them.

QLD, 62 posts
5 Dec 2018 9:50PM
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Just make sure whatever method has insurance to cover the value. Posted one kite and it never arrived and because I used cheapest track and trace option and kite value was over threshold I got nothing back to refund the buyer with. Oddly kite turned up in a lost property police auction a year later and was sold on, despite them having the serial on it in their system.

WA, 230 posts
5 Dec 2018 9:33PM
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aussie post all the way. never failed. you dont need a box, put the bar in the middle of the kite and wrap in paper or plastic bag, all good. generally costs around $30 or 40 in australia

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5 Dec 2018 10:04PM
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5 Dec 2018 10:13PM
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Sendle was about $30

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5 Dec 2018 10:19PM
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also with C.O.D (cash on delivery) with Oz post,(receiver) pays for the agreed amount for the kite at counter before picking up, (sender) receives a check other end that you send the kite from.

VIC, 1060 posts
6 Dec 2018 6:37AM
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plastic bag via Auspost works a treat wish I knew that a long time ago, for boards use has a price comparison of different couriers and usually door-to-door.

whatever you don't use e-go they are s***te and usually double-dip on your credit card.

QLD, 1647 posts
7 Dec 2018 7:17AM
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Sendle is far far superior to oz post

WA, 81 posts
7 Dec 2018 5:44PM
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kemp90 said..
Sendle is far far superior to oz post

Sendle doesnt deliver to the country no good here

WA, 64 posts
8 Dec 2018 6:49AM
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Officeworks was same price as Auspost and open all weekend...unlike our friends at the post office.

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8 Dec 2018 9:07AM
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Chop it up into tiny peices so's you can fit it into a regular envelope.
Number all the cut edges for reassembling.

Mark _australia
WA, 19085 posts
9 Dec 2018 1:17PM
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send it


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