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2010's Era

Created by flano 1 month ago, 27 May 2020
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27 May 2020 10:04AM
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Getting back into kiteboarding and have noticed that many of the small Kiteboarding vimeo and youtube channels are now dead. A bit of a shame as i'm not sure if they gave up on kiteboarding or not. They used to pump out some quality content regularly and it was the only way you knew what riders were up to. Has instagram killed these platforms and made the need for 5-10min edits redundant ?

- Filibuster Films
-Steez Productions
-NA Blend
-Nate Apple

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27 May 2020 5:02PM
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Hasn't Vimeo started trying to make people pay for storage now? I suspect this may have something to do with it

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28 May 2020 8:31AM
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Benny Wilson used to make epic videos around that time as well. Since then there has been more movements toward 15-30 second clips rather than 30 minute DVDs.


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