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Kitefoiling vs kiteboard average speed?

Created by fpw9082 1 month ago, 29 May 2020
QLD, 117 posts
29 May 2020 2:35AM
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Is kite foiling faster then classic kite board in slalom and long race course?

WA, 3282 posts
29 May 2020 8:50AM
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Is this a trick question.

shi thouse
WA, 920 posts
29 May 2020 9:05AM
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Doesn't seem to be the case in pure speed records....the TT's (or variations of) can hold a greater edge when maxed out.

Off the topic but this is good to watch...


VIC, 4397 posts
29 May 2020 12:39PM
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Average speed is a meaningless concept for kiteboarding. It depends on what you're doing. If you're blasting along on long runs with no crashing then your average will be high. If you're doing lots of spinny tricks or playing with waves then your average will be low.

Moving average is a bit better but it's still not accurate.

I record all my sessions on a GPS watch. Just eyeballing my records the average speed for kiteboarding is just under 22 kph. For foiling it's just under 23 kph. The fastest averages are on long coastal runs with very little turning.

It's easier to go stupid fast in very strong winds on a kite surfboard. It's easier to go very fast on moderate winds and smooth water on a foil.

I ride freeride foiling gear. I've had a few goes on a race foil. It feels much nicer and more stable at high speed. It takes a fair amount of technique to actually get that higher speed.

Pro race foilers are reporting speeds around 40 knots (over 70 kph). I haven't done anything close to that and I don't think I've seen the local racers go that fast. The general consensus is the mid-high 20kph is normal.

The point to point speed is where the foil kills it. Upwind runs that take 40+ minutes on a kiteboard can be done in 15 minutes and one reach on a foil.

WA, 65 posts
29 May 2020 3:24PM
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Local guys are regularly doing mid 30 kts - I found 30kts to be a bit of a ceiling but it's not so much speed but courage to be limiting

QLD, 117 posts
30 May 2020 1:39AM
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so in Defi wind kitefoil will win against kiteboard?

shi thouse
WA, 920 posts
30 May 2020 6:29AM
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No idea about Defi, but the foilers win the L2L every year

QLD, 42 posts
30 May 2020 9:23AM
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Results from L2L for 2018 and 2019. Foils were around 8 minutes faster in 2018 and 5 minutes faster in 2019 over a ~20 minute race.

Defi is a lot harder to find results for, but the filers appear to dominate there as well:

Provisional overall ranking :
1. Nicolas Parlier

2. Th?o De Ramecourt

3. Jean De Falbaire

4. Titouan Galea

5. Alexis Mounard

6. Gaspard Dabbadie

7. Martin Turbil

8. Arthur Lhez (1st young)

9. Cyril Michel

10. Enzo Pineiro (2nd young)

11. Pierre Nolot

12. Martin Pariente (3rd young)

13. Alexandre Caizergues (1st directionelle)


17. Alexia Fancelli (1st woman)


34. Sylvain Maurin (1st Tiki)


38. Julien Rossat (1st Twintip


45. Dorian Rosette (2nd

WA, 770 posts
30 May 2020 8:57AM
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I think the limiting thing with speeds between foils and TT's is conditions and angles to the wind. Ive done 67km/h on a twin tip in perfectly flat water bearing away downwind on a Flysurfer Soul 12m on short lines in a big gust, maybe could have gone a bit quicker in stronger wind, (only ~20 knots).

My best speed on a foil is 65km/h, however this was in choppy water. When you take other sailing angles into consideration, foils absolutely dominate. My upwind speed at 45 degrees off the wind, is usually around 19-21 knots. Downwind speeds can be 30+ knots at 135 degrees off the wind.

So average foil speeds are faster on every point of the compass unless in specific cases line butter flat water on just the right angle in nuclear strength winds.



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