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Hittin' Fishies

Created by MagicMike Wednesday, 12 Feb 2020
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Wednesday , 12 Feb 2020 2:04PM
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Hey All,

Wasn't sure if there is a similar thread about (I don't really care if there is) but I was wondering with all the hours everyone has accumulated up on the foil nowadays has anyone had any contact with sealife below the surface?

I remember during skiff racing one of the crews hit a large fish one afternoon at 20kts+ causing a rooster tail and a poor snapped fishy . I'm just up to the tack/gybe stage and during my long reaches (doing so in order to increase enjoyment before falling into water again) I see some sort of marine life shoot past the carbon axe.


shi thouse
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Wednesday , 12 Feb 2020 8:42PM
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NSW, 1425 posts
Thursday , 13 Feb 2020 6:56AM
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I hit a shark a few years ago at high speed on my surfboard. The dorsal went one inch into the rail (it had a bamboo top). Poor shark, we were both just one the wrong trajectory. I felt pretty bad as it would have left a nasty scar on it. Last year I nearly hit a small hammer head at slow speed but it dove right as I saw it. That dude in the vid had no chance at that speed.

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Thursday , 13 Feb 2020 7:24AM
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I clocked a small ray out here in the bay a month back, straight over the handle bars. Waited to see what it was after checking the foil. Nothing. The sound an fish makes is very different sound to small logs and other **** in the water.
Touch wood I haven't hit a turtle yet.

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Thursday , 13 Feb 2020 3:39PM
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I've managed to hit a bird. A Cormorant took off from the water as I approached. We had intersecting vectors. I was at full throttle and course change was difficult. I hit it with the mast as it went under the board. Bird didn't fare well, looked back to see the bird in the water and a few feathers in the air. No damage to the foil


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Thursday , 13 Feb 2020 9:21PM
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We had heaps of large jelly fish earlier this year, hitting a single one slows you down a little, hitting a few in quick succession and you end up in the water in the middle of a swarm of them...


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