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Created by dachopper 8 months ago, 26 Aug 2018
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6 Dec 2018 5:16PM
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dachopper said..

dafish said..
I am in the same boat as several of you. Gybes are easy, both slow and at speed. I tend to swap my feet after the gybe or through it on my natural side, and swap early on my goofy and carve around. I think those that can't gybe yet should practice carving straight down wind at a slower speed just to get used to the first half of the turn.
I am still struggling with the 360 degree turn, but have managed a few. Tacks have been hard, but I really have not put the time I need into them. This summer I hope to crack that but most of the places where I foil require no tacking and I don't race. Saying that though, foiling always presents new challenges.

I accidentally did a 360 turn when I was learning to tack, I sent the kite over too fast from 12 and looped it, and it pulled me all the way round. before I had a chance to move my feet. Once of those ... yeah I meant to do that moments :)

Do you feel that you ride toe side much during the gybe ?

I took that bit of advice and started moving the kite more in the opposite direction instead of keeping it at 12 longer and found that to be the secret for me. Needed a bit more pull from the kite to bring it around, then looping again to complete the circle. I nailed a few more today and am starting to get the memory down. Thanks!

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8 Dec 2018 10:10AM
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