Where in the world is Mr Youri Zoon?

Youri Zoon is hiding out in WA!
Photo: Rick Pryce 
While the rest of the worlds kiting elite are shredding in Cape Town for the Red Bull King of the Air, where’s Youri Zoon? Surely someone who can boost, loop and show off with the best of them should be there right?


He’s taken the opportunity to get into the Safety Bay pond while nobody else is there! In fact he’s been kiting the butter smooth water in the pond for a couple of weeks now, posting teaser shots to social media as he quite literally frolics in the flats.

“Australia has been delivering big time!” According to Mr Zoon, “Every single day wind so far!”

Turns out that not every kiteboarder needs to stand in the limelight! Have you ever scored an epic session on your own, or had a usually crowded spot to yourself? Let us know in the kiteboarding forums!