When 14th out of 300 equals last place - Red Bull Ragnarok.

She really did say that... The Red Bull Ragnarok! 
You’ve seen the pictures of a sky filled with kites, dotted amongst the snow covered landscape of Norway from last years event. It’s a sight to behold and one only seen at the Ragnarok event, but last weekend didn’t quite go to plan, with light winds slowing even the worlds best down to walking pace as they tried to complete the 100km course.

Originally, five laps of the 20km course were called for, but with light winds forecast for the race, organizers shortened the Red Bull Ragnarok to only four laps. It still wasn’t enough, as the race began the wind was already dropping, leaving many kiters stranded with their kites unable to fly, and the rest battling to keep them in the air on the downhill sections. Professional kiteboarders like Ruben Lenten couldn’t even finish the race despite showing promise in the first few laps. At the end of the race it was the locals and the true snowkiters crossing the line - a sign of just how challenging it was.

Skis were the craft of choice it seems, with only one snowboarder making it across the line. While suffering in the ‘cool’ department, those skiers could continue long after the snowboarders were left sitting in the snow. The one snowboarder who finished was a Norwegian local, Sigve Botnen who used the mighty Ozone Chrono to get him across the line. Also using the Chrono was Felix Kersten from Germany, the winner of the Mens Ski Division, showing that foil kites really are the best for light winds because they continue to fly well below 10 knots.

It was a far cry from last years extreme scenario, but the footage is spectacular all the same! Check out the highlights reel from Red Bull to see what went down at the 2015 Red Bull Ragnarok in Hardangervidda, Norway.