What Does Strawberry Picking Have To Do With Kiting?

For a traveler on a working holiday in Australia, there’s only a few options to support themselves, and their kiteboarding. Instructing. Bar Tending. Strawberry Picking. Danni Durant chose option three, like thousands of travelers before her.

3.45am starts, sore backs and a crazy sunburn. That’s what strawberry picking has to offer on the Sunshine Coast. But for travelers looking to support their working holiday in Australia, this little spot on the East Coast is a kiteboarding oasis, with a job that offers alright money and no-strings attached. You may, or may not know about a stretch of the Bruce Highway between a place called Caboolture, and Nambour in QLD. Along which, there are lots of two things. Pine trees, and Strawberry fields. Littered about the fields are hundreds of little straw hats bobbing around, with roads lined with campervans. Inside the camper vans are surfboards, and kiteboarding gear, owned by the thousands of overseas travelers who choose to earn a bit of cash while in Australia to support their surfing/kiting/sailboarding habit through summer.

It’s hard work, but the industry churns out most of the strawberries consumed on the East coast of Australia, all from this little stretch of highway. It’s crucial for the economy, and it allows kiters to live here, working for a bit, then kiting a lot. Danni Durant knows them well, and thanks to the strawberry fields of the Sunshine Coast, she gets to spend the summer right here – kiteboarding with friends and enjoying the summer!

She made a video about it, as she kites around the Sunshine Coast and Fraser Island having a TON of fun. Watch it right here, and follow along with Danni’s adventures this summer on her Instagram account.