Welcome to the Other Side - Incredible Freestyle in WA

Featuring spectacular footage of iconic Australian kiting locations
like Safety Bay in WA, this short film follows two kiters on a road trip
to the land down under. 
Two Spanish freestylers thought it was about time to sample the kiting goodness that is Western Australia, filming their adventure and producing a video that is so much more than your average ‘Brazil Trip’ style 2 minute trick-fest.

Tarifa, Spain. Kite Beach, Maui. Cumbuco, Brazil. Hood River, USA. As far as iconic kiteboarding locations go, those are a few biggys. If you know anything about Freestyle though, in your list of the top spots worldwide will be a little place called Safety Bay, Western Australia. With butter flat water, wind every day and the who’s who of kiteboarding on location to learn from, it’s no wonder Noé Font and Jerome Cloetens chose Safety bay as their summer kiting destination.

“We demonstrated why being a kiter today is the greatest thing ever.” Tells the man behind the lens, Noé Font. “We wanted to prove all the things we had heard about Australia. So we went there. We’d go on adventures searching for Kangaroos, Koalas, Snakes, Seals and all those animals we were promised to see. The landscapes and shoreline did not disappoint either. We also found wind. And when we didn't find it, we didn’t complain. We did other things. We went to Perth. Went to the cable. We did a road trip. Went to Rottnest island, to Margaret River and everything in between. We toured around WA and eventually realized,how that was going to be our first and not last visit to Australia after all.”

Sit back and watch some spectacular kiteboarding freestyle from your own backyard, shot in stunning HD with exceptional cinematography by Noé and Jerome.