Watch a Kitemare unfold, and a rescuer ask for money!

Tangled on one of the worlds most unforgiving reef breaks - One Eye Mauritius.
Ah Mauritius, a land of great beauty, epic wind and French capitalists. Lucky the surf is so good at One Eye, and the lagoon is perfect for learners – otherwise nobody would go!

For those riders who have been to One Eye in Mauritius, it comes as no surprise that this guy got washed over the reef. It’s harsh out there, the current rips out through a narrow channel and leaves riders on shallow reef, in the impact zone. Luckily, this wasn’t a big day, as evidenced by the learners out in the waves. One got a ltitle too close, and crashed his kite through a kite instructor’s from one of the local schools, he caught it all on video.

What also won’t come as a surprise to those who’ve been to Mauritius, is that the kite instructor asked ‘How Much?’ before he touched the rescue boat. Locals snooze in their boats all day, waiting for someone to be rescued (it happens quite a lot on these busy kite locations). They drive out there real quick, the rider gets in their boat and thanks the driver all the way to the beach. Then it’s time for payment.

“Payment? What payment?”
“I saved your life! You owe me 1000 rupees! You’ll not leave until you pay 1000 rupee!”
“But you never said it would cost money? I nearly died!”
“You die again if you not pay me 1000 rupee!”

You get the gist… 3rd world country, 1st world tourists.

Watch how this kite instructor gets tangled with a learner, extracts the two kites, gives away his own kite and then has to pay for his own rescue in Mauritius.