WA Kitesurfing Association Update

Perth Kite Racing 2015/2016 Calendar

Interested in Kite Racing? Want to be part of a club environment and building the kiting profile within Western Australia? Check out Perth Kite Racing!
For those that don’t know, PKR are the first affiliated kitesurfing club in Australia. The guys are based in awesome facilities at the Coogee Surf Club and meet weekly for training and racing. PKR have planned a massive Summer season and have a just released their calendar of events. For all information please go to perthkiteracing.tidyclub.com/ and ask for Andrew!

National Kiteboarding League (NKL)

WAKSA and KA are excited to announce the National Kiteboarding League which will be in Perth on the 7th – 10th of January 2016.
The NKL is sponsored by Classic Holidays and will include Wave and Freestyle competition. Locations are likely to be at both Secret Harbour (Waves) and The Pond (Freestyle).
Information on the NKL can be found at nklseries.com/
Kiteboarding Australia announcement


The WAKSA committee has debated, at length, the running of Kitestock for the 2015/2016.
The 2015 event was the 10th anniversary of Kitestock and it is recognised that it is still the largest event followed by WAKSA members.
The committee are of the opinion that the event needs a facelift and requires a major sponsor or Grant injection to supplement the cost of ticketing for members and minimise potential financial risks to the Association. As such Kitestock will not be run in the 2015/2016 season.
We apologise to those who are regular attendees at Kitestock, it was not an easy decision to cancel the event. However WAKSA hopes that, given the full calendar lined up for the 2015/2016 season, there will be plenty of other events for everyone to attend.

WAKSA Operations Update

It has been a big month for the committee and we want to let everyone know what we are up to:
• State Sporting Association status (SSA) – WAKSA have been working closely with the Department of Sport and Recreation to officially lodge an application to become the recognised State Sporting Association.  Becoming the SSA for Western Australia will put Kitesurfing on the same peg as Surfing, Football and Soccer opening the doors for State and Federal funding.

WAKSA are in the process of finalising the required documentation and hope to make the formal application before the end of the calendar year.

• Town of Cambridge beach user update – The Town of Cambridge have commenced the roll out of their Beach User Forum.  The intention of the forum is to determine appropriate beach access and uses.
WAKSA has been in constant communication with the Town and are happy to announce that on Wednesday the 18th of August, Cambridge voted to endorse the WAKSA location guidelines for City Beach / Floreat and agreed to investigate the installation of appropriate signage in the area. Additionally WAKSA will be invited as a key stakeholder in the ongoing Forums.
Work is still ongoing with Cambridge but future access to the beaches continue to look remain very positive at this stage. Location guides are found on WAKSA