Tom Herbert Sure Does Love his Evo!

It's that time again, Tom's Kitchen is back from North Kiteboarding, and as always, takes one part comedy, one part action and one part product info - blends it all together and pours a smoothie of goodness, right onto your screen.

Shot in the incredibly beautiful New Caledonia, Tom explores uninhabited islands with his kite, plays in the lagoons and jumps sandbars wherever he pleases. It's mostly hooked in tricks here, but that's ok when Tom busts out some weird stuff like backroll board off's where he lands on his butt, on the board, and ride away clean. The strange things don't end there through…

"So much time in the Air with my Evo…" Jokes Tom, as he hangs by his harness in a studio, with a backdrop of clouds behind him. "You can have a juice! You can check out the girls. You can shave. You can fly with your Chicken; feed your chicken. So much time in the air with my Evo…"

It's ridiculous, but somehow describes exactly what a boost on the new North Evo really feels like. Check out Episode 5 of Toms Kitchen below for a great laugh and some solid hooked in kiteboarding action.