This is 2017 Airush - Team | Reefer | Diamond | Progression

Fancy Surfboard Fins, A V-Tail Hydrofoil and a new Razor that looks bad-ass in black. Just a couple of the sneak peaks Airush dropped this week in the 2017 Promo video 'This is 2017 Airush'.

Like your favorite clothing designer would arrange their seasonal 'collections, Airush too have laid out their equipment in some special edition collaborations this year, with the Team, Reefer, Diamond and Progression Collections.

All black, and looking bad-ass with silver and gold highlights, the Team Series is aimed at those who want to stand out from a crowded beach full of average-joe's. Both the Razor and Wave are available in the scheme, along with entire lineup of boards, hydrofoil and even a harness.

Lady like in every manner, the Diamond Series is back in 2017 with a fresh look and once again, an exclusive kite and board combo designed with females in mind. It's pretty and purple too, with matching harness and some accessories.

 Then, there's the Reefer Collection, in a stunning blue colour with a pair of boots that leave the rest for dead, the Reefer Collection is for those who might be just fine with being an average-joe on the beach. Or those who just don't care for black.

No matter which collection you're into, check out the cracker new promo video 'This is 2017 Airush' below, and visit the brand new website here.