The North Click Bar - a new approach to kite trimming

Imagine a bar that you never had to untwist the front lines for? A bar with depower on demand thanks to the extra long bar throw, and tuning available without reaching up over the bar and wrecking your riding stance? Those three features are the highlights on the new Click bar from North, and if you're wondering how one bar can do all of that. Read on!

Using a mechanism that retracts or extends the rear lines instead of the front lines, this bar allows tuning of your kite by twisting the bar end. As you twist, the rear lines are retracted in increments, shown by a clear window on the middle of the bar; and to release, simply press the button on the bar end. It's the best thing to happen to bar ends since those elastic bungees!

Because the depower adjustment is done on the bar end, the depower strap or cleat assembly on the middle lines is not required and the bar throw can be extended way beyond what was possible before. It's a super clean setup, with a single line and nice stopper to keep the bar within reach.

Some might call it genius, North calls it an 'Automatic Untwisting Function'. There's a ceramic bearing within the chicken loop, and a rectangular centreline that fits snugly through the centre of the bar. As you pull the bar down, the centreline swivels on the bearing, and your front lines are untwisted!

There's more, like convertible 4 and 5 line modes, adjustable V settings, and a nifty little bag to keep sand out of the bar ends - but to see it in action you'll need to check out the video below, or drop by your local North retailer.