The New North Rebel Seems to Be Missing Something?

For the first time in the kites long running history, the North Rebel is now coming standard with 4 lines, marking what could be the end of 5 lines for ever!

When the Rebel first appeared on beaches all over the world, it was labelled as the perfect mix between a C kite and a Bow, utilizing 5 lines and two long pigtails for the front lines. The lack of pulleys, and lack of bridle meant the kite flew like a dream. Direct. Fast. Like a ‘Rebel’, as the feel became to be known.

But in 2018, North say they’ve worked out how to make a bridled Rebel; ‘Fly like a Rebel’ and given riders options to run it on a 4 line bar. Of course the purists will still run 5 lines, (because they’re one of the few who have 5 line bars!), but those with bars from Norths other kites, or other brands, will be able to hook them straight up to the new Rebel.

So what else is new on the 2018 Rebel? Lots! Some pretty techy fabric, larger diameter one-pump tubes and a straighter trailing edge to reduce flutter. For all the nitty-gritty details though, check out Norths promo vid for the 2018 Rebel right here.