The Best Kiteboarding Adventures Happen in Winter!

Thick wetsuits, numb fingers and gusty wind are all things an Aussie Kiter knows about in Winter. It’s just what winter kiteboarding is. But aside from all that nasty stuff, winter kiteboarding means making friends on the beach (waiting for wind), hot chocolates after a session and epic road trips in search of secret offshore kiting spots. Winter is heaps of fun, and we have a vid to prove it.

Vidda. By Liquid Force Pro Malin Amle, and Norweigian photographer Hakon Maeland, is a story about kiteboarding in Norway. It’s gloomy, with low cloud, cold water temps and gusty wind. But believe it or not, it’s summer in Norway. That’s just how they kite over there.

Expertly shot with crafted landscape shots and silky smooth drone footage of the lovely Malin kiting around some spectacular scenery, this is a quick video sure to get you stoked about winter kiteboarding. So call your mates, pack the car and go on a winter camping trip to find some wind!