The Best 3 King of the Air Entries this year = MEGALOOPS!!!

If you’ve spent any time online this month you are sure to have been bombarded with submissions for the Red Bull King of the Air, a competition held in Cape Town for the biggest, baddest kiteboarders on earth to show the world what they’ve got. Wildcard places are limited, and to get a shot at the comp, Red Bull are asking for video submissions. This means every man, woman and child who has dreams of going pro, is submitting a video. The result, more mega-loops than even Ruben Lenten himself can handle.  Stakes are high for this one, riders are now so close to reaching the 30m mark with their boosts, many riders who would have been in for a chance last year at 20m, are not even close. Just this week, both Kevin Langaree and Josh Emanual went over 28m. This week! Lucky for you, we’ve done the hard work for you, and endured hour upon hour of boosts and mega-loops to bring you our Top Three King of the Air Kiteboarding Videos.

Number 1: Josh Emanuel

Having scored entry in this years Megaloop Challenge, Josh Emanual has shown up in movies and pictures all over the place. Usually inverted, with his kite mid-loop, and at least 20m high. The guy is nuts, and he’s doing sponsors Core kiteboarding proud with their new GTS4 and impact.

Number 2: Ross-Dillon Player

Another Core rider, and another from the Red Bull Megaloop challenge this year, this guy opens his entry video with an insane megaloop in Capetown. It’s hard, it’s high, and he sticks it. A good mix of point of view shots and land based photographers working for him, you’ll love this one!

Number 3: Rangin Antonin

He’s been in the King of the Air before, so we know he’s got what it takes, but one of the things that made Rangin stand out was his old school. Biiiiiiiig floaty board-offs. Some megaloops with slow inverts, and very few sketchy landings. Looks like he might be back this year, to challenge the big guys again!