The Airush Dyneema Load Frame - New in 2016

Airush's new Dyneema Load Frame Technology.
It's certainly that time of year! Airush this week released their 2016 line of kiteboarding equipment, featuring a new technology they're calling it the Dyneema Load Frame. 

"The load frame has a web of dyneema that supports the primary loading. The other guys just reply on the canopy to do this. Load frame also reduces the stretch up to 30%, this means the canopy does not sretch excessively, and the kite will perform perfectly for much longer." 

That's Mark Pattison, kite designer for Airush, and he's talking about this new 'Dyneema Load Frame' seen on the 2016 range of Airush kites. You might be thinking that you've heard of this before, and you that's because you have. Airush used a very similar construction technique last year using Aramid, which you probably know by the brand name, Kevlar. 

You can find the new Dyneema Load Frame technology on the Lithium, Union, Razor, Diamond and Wave kites, all of which are slightly refined in 2016 from their previous versions. Of course the exception to this is the all new Union, a clean sheet design for riders in the freeride discipline. 

They say is draws on the freestyle heriatige of the Razor, the durability and range of the Wave, and the versatility of the Lithium, to form a... Union! 

Clever naming, and smooth styling to suit the all new three strut design. Look out for it, and the rest of the Airush line featuring their new Dyneema Load Frame technology in stores this season.