The 77 year old kitesurfer - inspiration from the UK.

We all know the local ‘old bloke’ at the kiteboarding beach. There’s always one, full of hilarious stories and usually there until sunset every afternoon. The age varies, from guys in their late thirties, to the occasional bloke in the 60+ club. But this guy takes the cake, he’s 77, and is just as stoked on the sport as the day he started over 7 years ago.

“Being my age, I’m not bothered by what other people think, I just do what I want to do!”

David might not be popping mobes, hucking airs on his surfboard or floating above the water on a hydrofoil, but he’s an inspiration to any kiteboarder. He loves it, and any chance he gets he’s out on the water whether it’s behind a kite, holding a boom or even stoking across a glassy bay on a jury rigged windsurfer/kayak creation. Sadly, the catalyst for his awesome lifestyle was the death of his wife 17 years ago.

“After seeing how my wife left this world, I changed my way of thinking, it could be tomorrow I’m gone. So I live each day to the full, you never know when you’re going to go. Even though I think I’m healthy, I could be dead tomorrow.”

Check out the inspirational kiteboarding video below, about an old guy who simply loves being on the water.