The 5 point Pre Launch Check for Kiteboarders

Before you launch, check these five simple items for a
trouble free kite session.
In the rush to get on the water it’s easy to overlook some kite-mares waiting to happen. Items like loose screws, knotted lines or an activated leash release can quickly turn your kiteboarding session into a disaster, so why not spend 30 seconds doing these 5 simple checks before you launch! We call them it the PLC, and it’s saved our session more than a few times!

The PLC – Pre Launch Check for kiteboarders.

1. Forecast Check

Checking the forecast before you launch is a must-do. Look for signs of the wind either increasing, or decreasing due to storms, rain or fronts moving through your area. Expecting a change in conditions can make the difference between either swimming home when the wind dies, or totally ejecting your kite when it blows! You can check the current readings and the daily forecast from your phone by using the App, or by simply visiting the website from your phones browser for free!

2. Fitting check

With all the vibration and flexing that happens to a kiteboard, it’s no wonder screws come loose on their own! Even with sand and salt clogging up the threads, it’s common to see riders coming in strapless, only to find out the don’t have spare footstrap bolts! Before your session, always check each and every bolt on your board to make sure they’re tight. That included your handle and fins too! (Bonus Tip: if you lose your footstrap screw, take your handle off and use one of those screws!)

3. Line Check

Running your lines out does more than get the tangles out, it gives you a chance to look for knots and frayed sections on your lines. Key areas are the very ends of the lines, where knots form easily during transport and they rub on fittings. Check them every session, because a broken line WILL end your session!

4. Release Check

Sand and salt are as good as glue when it comes to quick release systems. Don’t just hook-and-hope, test your release every session by activating it before you launch. It’s great practice, and only takes a second!

5. Leash Check

Leash quick releases can become disconnected quite easily in a crash or during transport, so when you connect it to your kite, be sure to give it a solid pull to check! Especially if you’re unhooking, this check will save your kite from flying off into the distance. Ask us how we know!

Forgot something on the list? Oh well, you can always self rescue! As a refresher, check out this video from AKS in Perth, showing you how to do get back to shore with your kite, board, and no tangles!