Susi Mai Rides Naish Kites

Susi pumps up a Naish Pivot, with mate Ruben Lenten.
It’s been a long wait since Susi Mai announced her split with long time sponsors Cabrinha in early January this year, but finally, she might be gearing up to let the world know which kites she will be flying!

Boards were first on the agenda for Susi, with her good mate Andre Phillip enticing her to join the company he part-owns – Tona. You can’t ride for a company like Cabrinha that makes both kites and boards, when you’re riding someone elses board, so Susi parted ways after almost her entire career. Her response to ‘what kites are you going to ride?’ was simple – whatever she wanted.

But things never stay that way for long, and a pro like Susi doesn’t go a single day without at least a few sponsor offers from companies around the world. It looks like the grandfather of kiting, Mr Robby Naish himself has done some sweet talking, possibly giving a thumbs up to a Tona/Naish combination for the worlds most famous kiter girl.

Snapped here at Kite Beach Maui pumping up a Naish Pivot, she’s hanging out with good mate Ruben Lenten who rides for Best during filming of a new video he’s making. If she had of been pumping up a Best kite, maybe one could presume she was helping Lenten out, but it’s not a Best – it’s a Naish!

Stay tuned for an official release from Susi in the coming weeks…