Stir Crazy in Cape Town - Pre King Of The Air.

King of the Air brings out all the loonies! 
With an entire week of sitting around and little in the way of wind, the boys at the top of the Woo leaderboards got up to some serious mischief in Cape Town this week, while they waited for the Red Bull King of the Air to begin.

The metaphorical yellow light was turned on last week, to signify the opening of the ‘get ready’ window for competition. All that meant was the riders stayed a little closer to Cape Town, and when you keep all those professional kiteboarders cooped up in their hotel rooms together, well, you’ll have to watch and see what they get up to.

From shooting each other with paintball guns, to commandeering a drone to beat Aaron Hadlows highest boost score, it’s pretty funny stuff. Don’t forget the kiting too, there’s a ton of big crashes from their warm up ‘Big Air’ sessions, and of course some mega-loops from the best in the kiteboarding business.

Thankfully the Green light is now on, and after one day of light wind competition the riders are (as we write this) asleep, ready for a nuking day tomorrow. Maybe not ‘brown arrows’, but certainly in the high green range!!!

Check out the video below, and check back next week for a full report on the Red Bull King of the Air event in Capetown, South Africa.