Slingshot Release 2016 Equipment

It’s getting towards that time of year, where kite companies release their ‘new and revolutionary’ new equipment for all to see. While it might not be on your local kite stores shelves for a few months yet, at least you can drool over the promo vids.

This week Slingshot was one of the first cabs off the rank, releasing most of their 2016 range of kites and boards through a series of videos. One standout was their new wave kite, appropriately named the ‘Wave SST’.

For years Slingshot has really pushed the surf discipline hard, from right back in the Rev days where Ben Wilson was their poster-boy. In 2016 the trend is continuing, with a dedicated design promising to ‘take serious kitesurfers to new heights; and depths in the pursuit of the ultimate ride’. This ultra low aspect kite has a minimal bridle, Slingshot’s usual split-strut technology and their famous surf-tough construction, as well as the option for a new above-the-bar depower system on their CompStick bar. With such a radical change in the overall shape of this new kite, will it set a new trend in wave kites for the rest of the manufacurers?

You’ll know soon enough, when the rest of the kiteboarding companies release their 2016 ranges in the coming weeks. In the meantime, check out the short promo video from Slingshot kites, about their new wave kite for 2016, the Wave SST.