She's a role model. She's a lady. She's also the champion.

"To break boundaries for me means to be non-conforming. To want something so bad it burns, and you use it as fuel. Its’ a long road of pain, frustration, doubt. Sometimes, it’s just easier to stop, but you keep going.
I’m Bruna Kajiya, and I dedicate my life to kiteboarding. "

At her home beach in Brazil, Bruna Kajiya was crowned world champion for the third time in 2018. She got there thanks to her incredible determination and skills on the water which broke the boundaries once thought of as unbreakable in womens kiteboarding.

They said women couldn’t do handlepasses. Bruna proved them wrong.
They scoffed at a chick pulling mega loops. Bruna hucks them with the best.
They built rails for guys only. Bruna gets in line.

She’s a role model. She’s a lady. She’s also the worlds best kiteboarder.
Check out this short clip about Bruna, as she revels in her third world Freestyle Kiteboarding title.