Sands of Time - Futuristic Freestyle by Aaron Hadlow

In three, maybe four years from now. Tricks like these will be common among the high end freestylers. Right now. They’re out of this world!!!

With such turmoil in the professional kiteboarding circuit this season, riders have had plenty of cancelled events and down-time to train. The level of freestyle is quickly developing as a result, but the old hats; the grandfathers of modern freestyle have still got what it takes to snatch another world title.

“The tour’s been a bit fragmented this year’ Explains Hadlow,”and we’ve not really know how many events we’re going to have, when to go where and a lot of cancellations. It’s frustrating in some ways, but personally with the level that I’m riding, and the results I’m getting. I’m still pretty happy.”

His latest video, ‘Sands of Time’ shows off what he’s been working on. Those tricks he’s ‘pretty happy’ with, have never been seen before. Not in wakeboarding, not in surfing, not in snowboarding. It’s kiteboarding now, with the progression from mimicking other sports tricks completed, kiters are busting some truly unique moves.

Skip past the slider stuff to 1:25 and watch an example of something you’ll only see in Kiteboarding. What do you even call that!?