Quad-Tex - Naish releases Quadrupal Ripstop for less tears!

How many rips can rip-stop stop, if you add four stops to stop rips?

Naish have raised the bar yet again in the materials world, with a collaboration alongside the worldwide giant in sail-cloth Tejin. They call it Quad-Tex and they say, that it shall ‘Master the Elements’.

The kryptonite to traditional nylon fabric, the ‘elements’ Sun, Wind and occasionally Earth, are the main reason for the slow breakdown and deterioration of the kites we use all year round. The sun breaks down the fibres, the wind flexes and creases and cracks the fibers, and the earth scratches the fabric, starting tiny little tears. Little tears create weak points for BIG tears, and that’s where ‘Rip-stop’ nylon comes into the game.

With a grid of tiny strands of strengthening fibers crossing the fabric every few millimetres, the idea is that a tear will be stopped by the threads before they go too far. At least minimizing the extend of major tears. That technology worked for years on boat spinnakers, parachutes, kites and paragliders. But since the kiteboarding world matured, and our kites started becoming trend-setters in cloth technology, we’ve started adding more stops!

Back on Cabrinha’s first Crossbows in 2006, they used a sort of double ripstop, then in 2013 the technology came back in force. Every brand had it, calling it something different – but basically there were now TWO strands of reinforcement around each square, adding even more protection against rips. Core upped the game in 2014, with triple ripstop, and in the two years prior to now, Naish have been quietly working on a quadrupal ripstop.

Offered on the 2017 lineup of kites, the Quad-Tex fabric promises the most durable kites and the best non-stretch performance of any Naish kite ever made. Check out their promo image above, and drop by your local Naish retailer to see the fabric in person. It’s pretty neat!

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