Not free for the taking, but it's worth it - Cocos Islands

The Cocos Islands, are a tropical paradise which few get to experience. It’s remote, it’s gorgeous, and the kiteboarding is absolutely incredible. The team from Zephyr Kite Tours run kiting holidays throughout the year, making it possible for less than a hundred people each year to get out there and experience it, but lucky for us – two of the North Pros went there this year and recorded it all on film.

Situated to the North West of Western Australia, The Cocos Islands are famous for their crystal blue water, untouched beaches and a giant lagoon where the water is flat. Sea life in abundance, palm trees on the beach, and of course steady trade winds that blow in the 15-25 knot range all day, ever day. It’s about as close to kiteboarders paradise as you’ll find, and see right here in the video below – but it’s not free for the taking!

“This place is special because of the isolation.” Explains one of the staff at Zephyr kite tours, “That’s its advantage, and sometimes its disadvantage. Because it does mean you have to do a bit of foraging, look for food, look for cray, look for fish. You can’t come here and expect to eat a particular diet, you need to eat the diet that the island provides. I’ve always had a theory about this place, you cannot take from the island without giving something. If you want a crayfish, you’ve gotta give a bit of blood to the reef. It doesn’t just let you have something. If you want to get a few of the limes, it wouldn’t hurt to clean up the lime trees a bit. Get scratched, be burned by the sunshine doing it. It’s not a taking island, it’s a give and take island. If you remember that, you’ll have a really good time when you come here.” Check out Tom Hebert and Reno Romeu kiting in the Cocos Islands.