Light Winds & Gloomy skies at the 2015 Venyu Triple S

It all came down to the final day in the 2015 Venyu Triple S in Cape Hatteras, with the wind finally joining the party – ending the wakeboarding and kicking off the kiting.

Jetskis, surfboards and wakeboards were the flavor of the first few days in Cape Hatteras, with glassy days casting chilled out vibe over the competitors, anxious to get down to business. With only the lightest riders with the biggest kites able to kite, it was lucky that was the first year for the Triple S’s all slider format, because freestyle was not an option! Requiring only a few knots to use the obstacles meant that riders spent three days on 17m kites (or jetskis) and event organizers were worried using a result based on such weak conditions.

Finally, days 5 and 6 saw some action with 10m kites and grey skies. Sam Light spent the event battling it out with Billy Parker, and Colleen Carol doing the same with Sensi Graves. The Light and Parker show was on all week long, with the two showing off in two very distinct styles on both the ski’s and behind a kite. Billy Parker ended up winning the best session award, but Sam took the overall win thanks to his consistent quality riding over the week.

“Can't believe I managed to win the Triple-S Invitational again!!!” Told a stoked Sam after the presentation. “Soooo happy!! Huge props to Billy Parker! We were going trick for trick all day, I knew it was close! So stoked to share the podium with all the boys!”

Local girl Sensi Graves lost her intense battle with rival Colleen Carroll from the worlds ‘other’ slider park – the Hood River. Colleen mixed it up with the boys over the weekend, showing that the wakestyle game is not just a mens arena. Pushing her North's to their limits, she was well deserving of her third Triple S win.

For all the action, including the after party and presentation, check out this highlights reel from the 2015 Venyu Triple S.