Less Weight. More Durability. The Airush Load Frame

Looks simple. Does a lot. The Airush Load Frame.
If you haven’t checked out the article we wrote on Airush’s Team, Reefer, Diamond and Progression collections for 2017, and you’re looking for some truly unique and out-of-the-box looking equipment this season, then check that out. But if you’re into great looking gear in more traditional colours; the Airush Core Collection is for you!

Sticking with their classic blue and orange schemes this year, Airush are focussing on the technology that sets their kites apart. Stuff like their adjustable bar length, V3.2 Bridle and characteristic Load Frame technology which provides a grid of support across the canopy of kite.

“By studying the direction of load on the typical kite,” Explain the Airush designers, “We have aligned the load frame to disperse force directly from the center of effort to the wingtips, increasing both durability and response. This alignment considers the movement of the canopy under high impact, supporting the struts and the largest areas of open cloth.”

It might not seem like it, but that Nylon fabric your kites canopy it made from actually stretches quite a lot! Over time, that destroys the aerodynamic qualifies of your kite, robbing you of wind range and performance. To stop that, Airush sew in a web of Dyneema following strategic paths across each kites canopy to distribute load and stop stretch both in flight and over time.

Check out the promo video below to see if in action, or drop by your local store and ask the staff about it.