Learn how to S-Bend with Ewan Jaspan

It’s a Railey with a front rotation and a heelside landing. Called the S-bend, the trick forms a basis for many unhooked tricks and is one of the easiest ones to master after the basic railey.

Home-grown kiter grom turned pro freestyler, Ewan Jaspan is a master of them. Although he himself might have moved on to bigger and better tricks, this week he’s back to school as teacher, and is showing you how to do one!

“As you take off you want to take off into a Railey. Keep your arms with a slight bend in them, and edge into the railey. To initiate the front rotation, you want to look over your back shoulder. As you look over your shoulder, you’ll turn with your upper body, and if you stay strong the rest of your body will follow.”

Named after Shannon Best, (who’s also the same Best as in Best kiteboarding) the S-Bend (Shannon Bend) first appeared in wakeboarding back in the 90’s. It quickly got brought over to kiteboarding once the sport was invented in ernest, with Lou Wainman and his mates throwing them down at Kite Beach around 2001 with their Wipika’s.

It’s a great feeling trick, so sit down and learn how to do one from Ewan Jaspan…