Kiteboarding on a Mirror - Amazing flat water

It’s not every day you find flat water with enough wind to go freestyling. It’s even rarer to find a spot where the water’s surface looks like a mirror. Those days are for stand up paddlers and fishing. Not kiting!

But while in Sicily filming a kite movie with Aaron Hadlow, Laci Kobulsky couldn’t help but put down the camera and pump up, when he found this place! Sheltered by a very very low rock wall, with long soft seaweed keeping the water from getting chopped up by the wind, it’s a shallow water freestyle paradise.

Now of course, with such shallow water (as you’ll see towards the end of the vid) and lightish wind, the boys couldn’t get up to their super high end freestyle – but that doesn’t mean they can’t have fun!

Check out this amazing flat water kiteboarding in Sicily, and stay tuned to see Aaron Hadlows new movie filmed in this location – it’s due to be released this month.