Kevin Langeree gets up close with the Volvo Ocean Race.

Anyone who’s ever gone kitesurfing through the middle of a yacht race, knows that those boats go SLOW! Kevin Langeree had a chance to go kiteboarding with one of the Volvo Ocean Race entrants, Turn the Tide on Plastic, and he found out that not all boats go slow. He could barely keep up!

The Volvo Ocean Racers are some of the fastest yachts in the world, with a small fleet of them designed specifically to sail around the world in the fastest time possible. In 20 knots of wind, they’ll do close to 20 knots of boat speed, sometimes faster downwind. So when Kevin Langeree had the chance to jump on board with the team from ‘Turn the Tide on Plastic’ he did like any sailor would do. He said ‘of course!’

He packed a kite too, so once the boat was far enough offshore to pick up the 20 knot wind, he launched it and chased down the boat. Only just though! Check out his vlog to see just how fast these boats are, and some fun shots of Kevin as he jumps around the boat trying to keep up.

Of course the true beauty of these boats lies in their ability to maintain these insane speeds for weeks on end, through some of the worlds most treacherous conditions at sea. Racers take turns at sleeping in tiny cots down below, while the boat screeches and groans under the enormous loads delivered through the sails. Long after a kiteboarder would have grown tired and headed for the beach, these guys are standing strong; getting blasted by spray and manning their positions.

It’s another world out there, but it looks like Kevin loved it!