Inside the mind of a Triple S kiteboarder

Sam Light competing in last years Triple S
Ever wondered what goes through the mind of the guys hitting those monster obstacles in Cape Hatteras? Lots, apparently, from mingling with all the pro’s, so almost running square into your mate off the end of a slider – take a look into the mind of Sam Light as he runs through a lap of the Triple S Slider park.

In the leadup to the 2015 Real Watersports Triple S, the worlds pro riders were given access to without-a-doubt the biggest and best slider park ever designed for kiteboarders. There’s kickers, sliders galore and even a few things we’re not sure what to call. All nestled amongst the flat water haven of Cape Hatteras, with the golf-green grass to launch and land on courtesy of event sponsors Real Watersports.

Naturally, with such a setup, everyone wanted to get amongst it so the water was packed with kiters. One crash and other riders would literally be piled up behind for miles, as Sam Light demonstrated in this clip where he almost takes out Brandon Shied.

Amongst the mingling and social fist bumps you’ll see in this clip below, there’s also some sneaky 2016 kite and boards on the water – see if you can spot them! Oh, and our very own Ewan Jaspan is featured, he’s over specifically for the Triple S, will he be making a comeback this year?