Inside the Mind of a Foil designer: Naish's Nils Rosenblad

With foiling becoming more and more mainstream, brands are going deep into the research and development archives of the aerospace industry to learn about what makes a wing fly well. Now that there’s the economy of scale involved, the big kiteboarding brands are able to make foils that are just as technologically advanced as the wing you’re used to seeing out the window of a Boeing.

Naish is one of those companies, and few would argue that Naish are the current market leaders in producing Kite foils, SUP foils and Wind foils that are easy to ride, perform incredibly well, and stand up to the abuse that learners will throw at their first foil.

To design their new Thrust Kite foil, they got Nils Rosenblad behind a computer and gave him a stack of new technology to use. From the software they’re using to design it, to the materials they’re using, and of course the airfoils that make a foil fly; it’s all the best in the industry.

Drop by your local kite store to see one for real (they're just arriving in the country now), and see what Nils has to say about his creation, the 2018 Naish Thrust Kite foil below!