How to Launch a Kite by Yourself - Using a car/tree/pole.

This method can be used almost anywhere, even in a park!
Some of the best kiteboarding sessions you’ll have are by yourself. Either when you’re the first one out on an afternoon, or in a secret spot that might have never even been ridden before. But launching your kite by sliding it along the ground isn’t really an ideal way to launch it. Here’s how to use a solid object to help you out.

Kites these days are perfectly happy to sit by themselves on the edge of the window. As long as there’s a bit of wind, they’ll sit there all day waiting for someone to steer them into the air. If nobody steers them into the air, then they’ll keep waiting. So with that in mind, here’s how to use any solid object, like a car, beach shower, sign post or even a piece of driftwood to launch your kite.

1: Lay your lines out and connect them to your kite as normal. Put your harness on.
2: Take your leash off your harness, and connect it to the solid object. Connect the other end to your chicken loop in ‘suicide mode’. That means directly to the loop, not just the safety ring.
3: Walk over to your kite, and place it on the edge of the window, just like you would if you were launching someone elses kite.
4: Check that the wind is propping it up and keeping it still. If the kite wants to fall towards the trailing edge (downwind), then move it further back in the wind window. If it wants to power up and dive into the ground, then move it forward in the window. Once you find the spot, it will sit there perfectly.
5: Let it go, and walk/run back to your bar.
6: Hook up to the chicken loop, then re-attach your leash to your harness (not the car)
7: Steer the kite into the air, and go for a ride!!

Need to see it done? Watch Tom Court show you exactly the technique here.