Girls can go strapless too!

In the world of strapless freestyle - it’s a mans game. Strange, considering some might argue that women were the first to go strapless…

But Cynthia Brown is a chick with Velcro feet and some serious moves to her name, taking a surfboard to the Hood River in Oregon, and Baja in Mexico. She says she’ll be kiting like this until the ‘love runs out’, which is funny because that’s how strapless freestyle came about in the first place!

Born out of surfers who were bored with flat conditions, and freestylers who were over the usual twintip tricks; strapless freestyle is a fusion between surfing, kiteboarding, skateboarding and wakeskating, yet in some ways, completely different.

Take the huge slow front rolls that Cynthia is throwing in the Hood River, part way through this clip. Possible only with a surfboard thanks to their light weight and high surface area - she uses the wind to keep the board on her feet – for far longer than a skateboard or wakeskate would have.

Check out Cynthia Brown in her latest movie ‘Love Runs Out’, where she throws down some huge strapless freestyle moves, a bit of surf action and even some foiling.