Get together with the Strapless Society.

Bursting onto the surfboard freestyle scene in a big way this week, was a trio of boys from the Strapless Society based in Cabo Verde, riding balsa surfboards branded with their own brand – HB Surf Kite.

While the boards look nice, it’s the riding in their clip ‘Get together – the Show’ that really stands out amongst the rest. It’s clip after clip of strapless surfboard tricks, every one of which is smooth, gravity defying and of course done with nothing else but wax, wind and a kite. They might be preaching to the choir when it comes to convincing the kiteboarding world how fun going strapless can be, but Vasco Santos, Papy Duarte and Hervé Bouré are seriously dedicated to what they say is their religion.

“Wind and the wave’s obsession unite us, we chose the royal way. No more strap, no more insert, but deeper on the wave and higher in the air. We focus on style while this way seems impossible to them. Our approach is radical, our ride is smooth, and our tricks unlimited. Surfkite is our religion and Strapless Society our church. Join us, raise an army and always stay one step ahead.”

That’s one serious statement right there, but you can tell these guys are giving their all when it comes to training, in fact you can see for yourself at the end of this clip where they include some of the crashes. While they aren’t exactly mega-loop style wipeouts, those fins are pretty sharp!

Check out the video below, and expect to see more of these three in the future, as they grow their ‘religion’ of kiteboarding strapless. They’re not the only ones doing it, but they might just be the most passionate!