Four Girls Who Love their Home Spot - Where the Wind Blows

“The Outer Banks is an incredibly beautiful spot. The wind pattern makes this place an amazing kiting locations, it blows basically 12 months a year 15-25 knots. North Carolina was where I learned to kite, where I launched my kite career. When I lived out here I basically lived, ate, slept, breathed kiteboarding.”

If you’re a kiteboarder, and you probably are if you’re reading this; then you know about the Outer Banks in North Carolina. You’ve most definitely seen pictures of it, and some might have had the pleasure of kiteboarding there. For these girls, it’s home, or at least ‘a’ home; and given the choice between a tropical beach with palm trees and sunshine; or the muddy slicks and slider park outside Real Watersports? They’d drop that coconut in a heart beat.

The latest episode of Moxy’s ‘Where the Wind Blows’ is out, and following up the girls last adventure to a wind turbine they’re back on the renewable energy path, getting up close and personal (even giving an autograph!) on the blades of a yet to be erected wind turbine. They’re on board with tapping some of that energy they get to enjoy each and every day while kiting, and you might be too!

Check out the great movie starring Sensi Graves, Lindsay Mclure, Laura Maher and Colleen Carroll, in Where the Wind Blows – North Carolina.