Foiling the Clearest Water in the World!

Is this not the most incredible place for foiling you've ever seen!?
You’ve seen this island in the Grenadines before, it was where Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed. They chose it, because of the incredible blue water and pristine white sand bars. What better place to go foiling?

Jeremie Tronet lives in the beautiful Grenadines. You might have seen some of his footage before through North Kiteboarding or his vlog Island Life on Youtube. Nestled on the western side of the Caribbean, the Grenadines are a small group of islands where kitesurfing is one of many luxury activities done by the tourists who frequent the exclusive resorts.

This week, Jeremie needed to give his boat a test run; so they decided to pack the foil, a drone, and head for the Tobago Cays, one of the Grenadines most pristine sand cays.

Light wind, white sand, blue water, not a cloud in the sky. This is kiteboarding heaven for a foiler – and this footage is going to turn you green with envy.

“Another fun day in paradise! The Tobago Cays is definitely a good spot.” Explains Jeremie. “It’s a little bit choppy so it’s not too good for freestyle but once you ave a foil you can just go and explore the islands around and see the turtles. A great afternoon!”

Watch some of the most spectacular light wind foiling conditions in some of the clearest conditions in the world – right here.