Fly me to the moon - Kiting's strangest video

Nick Jacobsen and the FX...
Nick Jacobsen and Cabrinha: we have some questions. This is the strangest promo clip ever created from a kiteboarding company, but it might just be a work of art.

Filmed by Anders Kruger, who is one of kitesurfing’s most respected film makers, do not expect to click play and watch endless clips of kiteboarding tricks one-after-another. Oh no, ‘Fly me to the moon’ is 13 minutes of quirky cutscenes, strange voiceovers and ‘did he just do that?’ moments, which are occasionally interrupted by some incredible kiting.

You will see some things that should never be attempted, like jumping from roof to roof using a kite. You will see some things that can’t be unseen, like a certain professional kiteboarder running down a train line with a sunflower covering his junk, fireworks taped to his thigh and kiteboards under his arms. No, we’re not kidding.

So lets avoid those parts, and get to the kite. The new Cabrinha FX, which is the whole point of the video – (apparently). It’s Cabrinha’s new Freestyle crossover kite, with three struts and promises of unmatched performance. Obviously designed for younger kiteboarders, interestingly the Cabrinha FX graphics are very simple, just two colours separate the trailing edge and leading edge which provide a stark contrast to the usual schemes offered in performance freestyle kites.

So if not for the graphics, how is Cabrinha going to make younger riders want this kite? Through their marketing material, that’s how. Throughout the video you’ll see the various photo shoots that will form the basis of Cabrinha’s marketing campaign in 2016 – and it’s way out of the box. Perfect for the younger generation, Cabrinha has pulled all the stops in an attempt to rid the brand of its ‘noob and old guy’ stigma.

Will it work? Or have they gone too far, we’ll find out soon enough!

Watch the video for yourself, and if it makes you want to buy a Cabrinha FX, go and see your local dealer. Tell them Nick Jacobsen sent you.