Does your favourite kiter chick, kite NAKED in Winter?

You’ve seen it, that girl (or guy) at the beach wearing a wetsuit, and all you can see is their rolled up undie line as they walk around. It’s not a good look, and the same goes for the top half when it comes to kiter ladies. Bra straps and bikini knots? Not the best look under a wetsuit...

But what’s the alternative? You can’t go kiting around completely naked? Or can you!?

Our friends over at the great blog for kiteboarder girls - Kite Sista, did the rounds with our favorite professional kite girls to find out who’s starkers, and who prefers a little support under their wetsuit. Which do you prefer?

“I am naked underneath the wetsuit, its impossible to have a swimsuit, its the most uncomfortable thing for me! Same like I ride with my hair loose, I like to feel free on the water, so the less I wear, the lighter I am, and the better!” – Gisela Pulido

“I’m naked underneath my wetsuit! I feel it’s much more comfortable to have your skin in contact with neoprene as the new materials give you the feeling to have a second skin. Also my bikini doesn’t stay in place while I’m kiting and it’s not very nice. Regarding the aesthetic side of it, being naked avoids the ugly marks that the bikini leaves which is a bit more sexy!”- Alexia Fancelli

So how do the preferences stack up?


Hannah Whiteley
Kari Schibevaag
Gisela Pulido
Paula Novotna
Alexia Fancelli
Rita Arnaus

Team 'Support'

Sensi Graves
Julia Castro
Malin Amle
Therese Taabbel


Half and Half

Colleen Carroll
Maureen Castelle
Paula Rosales



Are you a firm believe in underwear beneath your wetsuit? Tell us your preference in the forums!