DIY Hydrofoil with an old Skateboard Deck.

The home-made hydrofoil, all he bought was the mast.
Do you long to glide across the water surface without a sound? To feel the rush of adrenaline as you lift out of the water completely, then stay there for hundred of meters, if not kilometers at a time? Hydrofoils are revolutionizing the kiteboarding world for more than just hardcore racers, and you don’t have to spend a fortune to make one!

All it takes is a little know-how, several hours and some old stuff laying around in the shed. It makes you wonder why we didn’t think of this years ago!

This week in the Seabreeze Kitesurfing forum, a guy named Luc from WA started a thread called ‘DIY Hydrofoil with rubbish and an angle grinder’. Click bait for all those freeriders who can’t afford a carbon hydrofoil, that’s for sure!

Using nothing but a skateboard deck, some alloy tubing and a couple of old fins off what looks to be an Airush Sector 60, he’s made one of the best DIY hydrofoils we’ve ever seen. Granted, he did buy the mast from TKF, but even that was a factory second for under $300. There was also a little bit of fiberglass work to be done, which does take some skill and prior knowledge. It's not that hard though!

Riding it? That’s another story… But it does work!

Check out the build thread right here on the Kitesurfing Forums to see how you could make your own kiteboarding hydrofoil, with nothing but some rubbish and an angle grinder.