Cool Strapless Tricks with a Twintip/Surfboard

A flat-water paradise - perfect for flipping a kiteboard around on! 
It’s not all about the unhooked freestyle and the surfing. When you’re hanging out in a tropical paradise like this and the wind is light, sometimes it’s best to have a bit of fun!

Theo Demanez found himself in St Martin, with a couple of 13m kites and a place he calls his ‘secret garden’. Not the kind you might expect, this garden is filled with blue, butter flat water – perfect for practicing strapless tricks on a twintip of surfboard. Inspired by the likes of Keahi De Aboitiz, Reider Decker and others breaking new ground with surfboards, Theo has learned a few tricks of his own, mixing it up with a bit of board-off action up high and some unhooked freestyle to show that he’s not a total basket-case.

Incredibly technical, yet well within the reach of an average kiter – you too can try some of these tricks on your next session! Start with riding your twintip around without the footstraps, then get tricky with it.

Watch this great clip of St Martin based kiter Theo Demanez for a little inspiration.